Founded in 2017,

Triangle House publishes the Triangle House Review monthly and select books rarely. Our first title is the anthology THROUGH CLENCHED TEETH, out in January 2018.

We are currently accepting submissions until April 1.

Submissions Policy: Please send your submissions for essays, criticism, poetry, fiction, and interviews to Becca Schuh at with the subject line: THR Submission. When you submit to us, please understand that our timeline for reviewing submissions is long, space in the review is limited, and we all have other full-time jobs. We're looking forward to reading your work.

Please note that we don’t currently pay for accepted work. While we do occasionally raise money for charity, this isn’t an otherwise revenue-generating endeavor.



Becca Schuh is a writer living in Brooklyn. She regularly interviews authors for Electric Literature and Bookforum. She is working on a book based on the nontraditional social atmosphere of a small alternative college. She is the editorial director at Triangle House Review.  (

Bryan Woods is a computer programmer and writer from Brooklyn, New York. His writing has recently appeared in The Los Angeles Review of Books, Playboy, Electric Literature, Catapult, and elsewhere. He is the publisher at Triangle House Review.  (

Monika Woods is a Brooklyn-based writer and literary agent, representing writers of fiction and non-fiction at Curtis Brown. She can be found @booksijustread. She is an editor at Triangle House Review. (